Persistent infection? Revisit an old friend: Garlic

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By Dr. Michelle Cali National Scientific Advisor We all are familiar with garlic as a multi-purpose anti-infective agent. With one of the longest histories as a medicinal food and, now, with a plethora of empirical evidence, garlic is reputed for its powerful ability to resolve even the most hostile of infections. This can be critically important in a time where … Read More

8 Ways to Master Stress as a Naturopathic Student

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By Emily Elliot Student Representative, Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine You have heard it all before, everything in balance. In fact, as a student of naturopathic medicine you preach it to friends and family. Yin cannot steal too much from yang or it depletes. Light must draw from dark to expand. Soy can have positive estrogen modulating effects, only in … Read More

Welcome to our new and improved website!

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By Loretta Masaro, BSc, MBA CEO, Cyto-Matrix On behalf of the Cyto-Matrix management team, we are very excited to launch our new and improved website! Our goal is to meet the needs of our customers and we truly hope the new website will mirror the feedback we have received from many of you. We aimed for a site that is … Read More

Sponsorships and awards

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Here is a history of the sponsorships we have been proud to be involved with, as well as awards that Cyto-Matrix has been honoured with over the years. Posted: November 2014 Cyto-Matrix is proud to be the Official Gold Sponsor of the 2014 OAND Convention and Tradeshow “Clinical Perspectives on Women’s Health: Body, Mind, and Spirit” taking place November 21 … Read More