Lesser-Known and Broad-Reaching Effects of Iron Deficiency

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By: Dr. Colin O’Brien ND, Medical Director, Cyto-Matrix Every healthcare practitioner should be able to rhyme off the keynote symptoms of iron-deficiency: fatigue, weakness, dizziness and pallor (pale skin) probably come to mind first. This makes sense given that iron is the most commonly deficient nutrient in the world and a concern often seen in private practice. But the implications of suboptimal … Read More

Rhodiola: Root Yourself for Back to School and Work!

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By: Dr. Colin O’Brien ND, Ontario Regional Manager, Cyto-Matrix Summer has once again come and gone and it’s time to get back into a solid routine. Whether you’re a parent with toddlers headed back to school, a graduate student or just an everyday worker going back into the office after some vacation time, we all could use a little extra … Read More

Clinical Feedback from 2 years of Bio-Ferra prescribing

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By: Dr. Andrew Krause ND CSCS CISSN, Ontario Regional Manager, Cyto-Matrix One of my favourite parts of my role with Cyto-Matrix is how often I get to see colleagues at their clinics, and hear about their clinical successes in practice. One product that has been getting particular mention in meetings over the past few months is Bio-Ferra. Bio-Ferra is a … Read More

Benefits of Whey Protein Isolate

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By: Dr. Andrew Krause ND CSCS CISSN Ontario Regional Representative Quick Summary: Provitalex is an unflavoured protein powder that is made from milk of North America grass fed cows. It’s minimally processed with cold water, which maintains the proteins in their natural undenatured since it is treated without heat. We use cross flow microfiltration which maintains larger amounts of beneficial … Read More

Persistent infection? Revisit an old friend: Garlic

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By Dr. Michelle Cali National Scientific Advisor We all are familiar with garlic as a multi-purpose anti-infective agent. With one of the longest histories as a medicinal food and, now, with a plethora of empirical evidence, garlic is reputed for its powerful ability to resolve even the most hostile of infections. This can be critically important in a time where … Read More

8 Ways to Master Stress as a Naturopathic Student

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By Emily Elliot Student Representative, Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine You have heard it all before, everything in balance. In fact, as a student of naturopathic medicine you preach it to friends and family. Yin cannot steal too much from yang or it depletes. Light must draw from dark to expand. Soy can have positive estrogen modulating effects, only in … Read More