National Advisory Board

  • Dr. Elias Markou, ND,
    PureBalance Wellness · Cancer Care (Mississauga, ON)

    Chair of the Cyto-Matrix National Advisory Board​, Dr. Elias Markou, ND is​​ currently​ a practicing ​Naturopathic Doctor in Ontario. During his 6 years as a former ​fi​refighter, he battled his own health issues and observed countless connections between disease and the toxic environment. Dr. Markou, ND has made environmental medicine his primary focus. Dr. Elias Markou, ND is also​ C​hief Naturopathic ​M​edical Officer of the Halton Hills Fire Department. Dr.​ Markou, ND is a health blogger and is regularly featured on television, in print and on​ radio.

  • Dr. Ben Connolly, ND,
    Cornerstone Naturopathic Inc. (Upper Tantallon, NS)

    Dr. Ben Connolly, ND is the founder of Cornerstone Naturopathic Inc, the leading centre for biological medicine on the East Coast of Canada. Regarded as a deeply compassionate and future-focused provider, Dr. Connolly spends his day working to bridge the gap between conventional and naturopathic medicine. He believes in cultivating curiosity in his patients and team, as well as engaging in their growth towards optimal health. He uses a variety of techniques including regenerative injections, PRP and IV Therapy to ensure his patients achieve the results they’re looking for. He is the proud father of Caleb and Elise, and spends his down-time adventuring with them along the rocky shoreline of Nova Scotia.

  • Dr. Tara Gignac, ND,
    StoneTree Clinic (Collingwood, ON)

    Dr.Tara Gignac has been a naturopathic doctor, practicing full scope, family medicine in the beautiful town of Collingwood for over 17 years. She has been actively involved in the naturopathic scene in Ontario, with experience at CCNM, the OAND and the College of Naturopaths of Ontario. Her most incredible achievement is that during her 5th year of practice she took a 6 month sabbatical with her husband, 5 year old daughter and moved to rural Paraguay where they volunteered at an orphanage taking care of the basic health care needs of the neighbouring villagers. After this, Dr. Gignac and her writer husband, Dan, wrote a book, Escape 101: The Four Secrets to Taking a Sabbatical or Career Break Without Losing Your Money or Your Mind, which has helped many others do the same thing.

  • Dr. Alfred Hauk, ND,
    Dr. Alfred Hauk, ND

    Born in Greifswald, Germany, in 1951, and raised in Alberta, Canada, Dr. Hauk has experienced the power of Naturopathic Medicine throughout his life. A 1990 graduate of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto, he founded the Holistic Healing Arts Centre in Brantford, Ontario, in 1992. During his decades as an ND he has also had the opportunity to teach at CCNM, to serve on the boards of the CAND and OAND and recently been the chair of the OAND for a number of years. Holistic Healing Arts has grown into a great team of 6 Naturopathic Doctors and a wonderful support staff who work together to forward the health of their community.

  • Dr. Michael Tassone, ND,
    West Kelowna Integrative Health Centre (West Kelowna, BC)

    Dr. Michael Tassone ND, takes to heart the Naturopathic principle “Doctor as teacher” and encompasses this value in every aspect of his professional practice. Dr. Tassone formerly taught Orthopedic Assessment & Physical Medicine at Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine, and is currently an Instructor in the RMT Program at VCC-Kelowna. He is also a registered Continuing Education Instructor with RMTBC, and a Board Examiner for the CNPBC. His passion as an educator keeps him up to date on emerging therapies and is the cornerstone of his approach to patient care.

  • Dr Sharon Gurm

    Dr. Sharon Gurm, BSc, ND, FABNO
    Port Moody Health Integrative Medicine & Cancer Care (BC)

    Dr. Sharon Gurm, BSc, ND, FABNO has been a practicing naturopathic physician for 16 years with a focus in integrative oncology. She is the founder, medical director and naturopathic oncology residency director at Port Moody Health Integrative Medicine & Cancer Care. In addition to educating healthcare professionals, Dr. Gurm is the program director and clinical professor of the Integrative Oncology Program at CCNM-BINM Vancouver Campus.

  • Dr Raza Shah

    Dr. Raza Shah ND
    Clinical Director
    St Jacobs Naturopathic Clinic St. Jacobs, ON

    Dr. Raza Shah ND is the clinical director at the St. Jacobs Naturopathic Clinic. Dr. Shah graduated from CCNM in 2001 and now runs a multidisciplinary practice and a general family practice to service the many rural communities surrounding St. Jacobs, Ontario. Dr. Shah is also a frequent lecturer for the Upper Grand District School Board, Conestoga College and the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine.

  • Dr. Beverly Huang

    Dr. Beverly Huang, ND
    Grassroots Naturopathic (Calgary, AB)

    Dr. Beverly Huang is the clinic founder of Grassroots Naturopathic Medical Clinic in Calgary, Alberta and previous council member for the province’s professional regulatory board, The College of Naturopathic Doctors of Alberta (CNDA). Dr. Huang has advanced training in intravenous vitamin therapy, chelation therapy and First Line therapy, while also being certified with the Association for the Advancement of Restorative Medicine in treating thyroid conditions. She has completed the ILADS Fundamentals course on Lyme disease and is additionally certified in Ozone therapy.