Welcome to our new and improved website!

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By Loretta Masaro, BSc, MBA
CEO, Cyto-Matrix

On behalf of the Cyto-Matrix management team, we are very excited to launch our new and improved website! Our goal is to meet the needs of our customers and we truly hope the new website will mirror the feedback we have received from many of you. We aimed for a site that is easy to navigate, informative yet not overwhelming and cluttered, and one that is accessible whether you are on your home computer, tablet or phone screen. The addition of the blog components will allow management and scientific staff to post just-in-time information on the latest news and/or clinical applications in natural health care.

Cyto-Matrix was founded 12 years ago with a mission to becoming the most trusted professional natural health products brand in Canada.  To date, we have thousands of naturopathic doctors, medical doctors and specialty pharmacies across every province in Canada loyally prescribing our brand to even their most sensitive patients. Cyto-Matrix is one of the most respected professional brands in both of the Canadian accredited naturopathic colleges (BINM, CCNM). We value all the feedback we receive from our doctors and strive to deliver products which meet the needs of their patients in terms of efficacy, safety and delivery formats.  This feedback combined with best available evidence and strict adherence to Health Canada’s Natural and Non-Prescription Products Directorate’s guidelines enables us to design products that Canadians can trust for positive health outcomes.

We thank you for your loyalty to our brand and for continuing to provide feedback to help us improve year after year.